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Tourist Guide for Children

On June 3, volunteers of the Foundation, students at Babeş Bolyai University, developed a project with the children from the After-School program at the Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca.
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Tourist Guide for Children

Students from Geography and Tourism Faculty had a homework in wich they had to develop a guide of presentation of the "Alexandru Borza" botanical garden, for children. They chose to include children from Rescue Foundation's After-School program, to help them learn new things in the botanical field.

The children were for the first time in a botanical garden and were amazed and happy about every new flower and plant they were discovering and learning about.

Beside visiting the garden, children have had part of various games to help them learn about nature and the importance of preserving it. The meeting ended with a picnic where they served cake and juice.

The young students were happy to carry out their project alongside the Rescue Foundation and see the delight on children's faces as they discovered the beauty offered by the Botanical Garden.

We appreciate the collaboration with the group of students and we mention that outdoor botanical lessons were a plus for the children.