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School supplies for the students in Aiud Penitentiary

On the occasion of a new school year the Humanitarian Foundation Rescue offered to the inmates that are following the classes in Aiud Penitentiary, from 1st to 8th grade, school supplies: notebooks, pens of different colors and pencils. Thank you for making this action the brothers from Denmark and Mr. Andrei Gherman who financially supported us.

The “Help a child to go to school” campaign

Just like the last year, this year we organized a helping campaign for the children coming from poor families in Cluj and surroundings.

Meeting with the children from the “Tainelor” Kindergarten

On the 28th of September the Humanitarian Foundation Rescu together with the volunteers from the Church God’s Army Cluj made a visit to the children in Tainelor Kindergarten.

Social assistance for children coming from poor families

We have organized another social activity, between the 15th and the 18th of June, in order to help children from poor families in Sannicoara and Miraslau, helped by the volunteers from Aiud and Cluj and a team of brothers from Denmark, sponsors of this project.

School supplies for prisoners families

In October 2015, a group of danish believers together with volunteers from Romania visited four families who needed help to ensure the necessary school resources for their children.

School supplies for detainees

As we have done before at the beginning of each school year, this fall also we managed to provide school supplies to several inmates in prisons Aiud, Cluj and Mures.

Christmas Packages

With the help of christian brothers from Denmark, we prepared and distributed 910 family packs for the unsought and abandoned detainees from: Arad Penitentiary Women section, Penitentiary Gherla section Cluj, Targu Mures Penitentiary, Aiud Penitenciary, Arad Penitentiary and Prison of Vaslui.

Visit of Faroe and Denmark to Families

On their last day in Romania, the Faroe and Denmark group visited the some families that are in need.

With children at the Cinema

On January 31, 2019, children from the After-School program, who came from disadvantaged families in Cluj County, were rewarded on the occasion of the first semester of this school year, with a visit to the cinema.

Visit to Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum

"After work you get rewarded", also the Rescue Foundation's "After School" children, are rewarded monthly for their evolution in school behavior and outcomes. This time, the reward was a visit at the Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum and a visit to the city's central park where they served lunch and played with the Foundation's volunteers.