I want the Bible to be the compass of my heart

I will start by writing this testimony, that on this side of the correspondence there is a man who has done wrong by earthly laws, a man who is paying with 9 years of his freedom, a man who is accused of sinning greatly, a man (if he can still be called that) who is still asking in all humility for forgiveness and salvation, a man who is seeking peace with God.

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I was a slave to earthly pleasures and worse still I was an alcoholic.
I started reading the Bible a long time ago when due to my hard work as a navigator and my dangerous experience on the high sea in my heart i started wondering. I went to many Baptist missions abroad and gathered Bibles and religious material from all of them, and they are all sitting somewhere at home gathering dust on some shelf. I was a Christian only by name, not in my heart and in deeds that are pleasing to God. Here in jail i have met a man that was changed, i ran from hypocrisy, I turned and answered God's call, being thirsty for change. I want the Bible to be the compass of my heart, the light that guides me from now on.

I take upon me the statement that characterizes me "I have known much in my rebellious life", but I have never known what it means to be happy, only now when I have learned to know God and myself. 
In 1John 4:9-10 i have learned about God's love and that Jesus was sent as the propitiation for our sins! What can be more glorious than this love!

It was hard to read the bible at first, because I didn't know how to understand it, but when i search it in detail i find that I like it more and more. Every time i read i see new truths and i can tell that i was blind but now i see, as the blind man did in John 9."All i know is this: that i was blind but now i see"
I will end my letter by quoting the psalmist:
"As for me (George), my happiness is to draw near to God, I will make the Lord God my shelter that i may tell His works. (Ps 73:28)"
For I am not ashamed with the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe.(Romans)

George P. -Galati Prison