He made from me a new man

Blessed be our Good God because He takes care of the siners like me, who searches Him and finds Him.

The biblic course that I made by correspondence with you made me very interested in the Word of God and it made from me, what I didn't expect to do, he made from me a “new man”.

25 Mar 2015 0 comment
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From that moment on, every time when I can (I am staying in one room with 13 prisoners), I read the Bible, the most complex book from the world, the most beautiful, the most loved book by the sons of God, the most contradicted one, the most valuable and the wiser book from the entire world.

Every time when I am reading from the Bible, I am also praying to keep in my mind at least 50 % of what I am reading.

As I am I want God help me with my problems.

I bring to Him all of my problems, I am asking Him for help, I am telling Him all of my secrets even He knows them already. I am thanking Him because He helped me. When I am scared of someone who wants to harm me, I find my peace in His arms.

I come to Him with all I have, good or bad!

I thank Him with this occasion because He gave His only Son to die that I, the siner, to not pay with my life for my sins.

Every time when I am sining I am crying because I cause pain to God.

Laurentiu C. -Margineni Prison