My sinful soul rejoice when it got to know God

I met you, in a place called “hell” and my sinful soul rejoiced when it got to know God and hear of His Love for humans, and of His great sacrifice -the only beloved Son. If God made this sacrifice for all people, my answer is that I want to be like you, not to be ashamed of myself, to become a child of God,  to return Home to my Father, and to do what He wanted me to do.

25 Mar 2015 0 comment
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I know that I draw all the evil over me because I chose it. Here, reading the Bible more deeply, I've understood that in fact I should have chosen another way, to be the one who take care of others and to work for God. If God sacrificed His Son for us, wouldn't I sacrifice myself for Him? Believe me that I was shocked when I realized how badly I sinned, and I can understand why God is so good. I can't believe that I am still alive and that God have had so much patience with me and tolerated me. I thank to Jesus Christ that He fight to gain me, and how could I thank Him better but knowing his advises that He give in the Bible and obey them. He is the Way and I thank him that He has given me the wisdom to  search for my spiritual family and for help to you”.

Gabriel F.- Aiud Prison