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Packages for Christmas

At these specific holidays of December, through anonymous donations, Rescue Foundation could provide food for 7 families in Sannicoara, Cluj Napoca. Thus on December 23rd a group of volunteers has offered these packages both to parents and children in these families.

Preparing Christmas packages

On winter holidays, the "Rescue" foundation has prepared a total of 910 packages for inmates who are not visited by families.

Beds for Easter

A week before celebrating the Passover, 8 families had the opportunity to change the decor of their homes.

Conference "A day with Father" at Valea Draganului

Between 25th to 27th Rescue Foundation in collaboration with Romanian Christian Association (ABC) and Romania Prison Administration, Timisoara Prison has organized the conference of presenting the program "A day with Father".

Kindergarten furniture from prison

A different and interesting project for us was conducted for over 2 months. At the end of 2015, our collaborators in Denmark sent to Romania several pieces of old kindergarten furniture but still in good shape.

Exhibition with works of art made by inmates from Aiud Prison

Rescue Humanitarian Foundation Cluj-Napoca, in partnership with Aiud Prison and Cluj-Napoca City Town Hall made ​​on July 18 - 24, 2013 , in Cluj-Napoca Bastion 2nd floor exhibition with works of art made by private inmates, in the European Grundtvig program "Learning and Healing Through Expression".

Contest of best art object made by detainers

In the European Grundtvig Program "Learning and Healing Through Expression" together with our partners from Italy, Finland and Greece we aorganized a contest of best art object made by a detainer.

Conclusion raising campaign book for detainees from abroad

Rescue Humanitarian Foundation conducted during July-October 2011, a campaign of collecting book titled "The Book of home" that aims eucationala materials supplies and book prisons in European countries condemning people who commit Romanian nationality and facilitating their access educational materials and books in Romanian.

"Flower Creation " project finality

March has not ended without an objective of the " floral Creation " project exhibition. Taking advantage of the money raised at this exhibition, we visited and helped a group of seven Roma families who had around them more than 20 children. Along with 4 people who were involved, we distributed food (potatoes, oil, sugar, flour, rice, pasta, sweets) and bed quilts.

Gifts for children attending the afterschool program

If December is full of beautiful events and celebrations, we wanted the 12 children attending the afterschool program in Sânnicoara to feel this as well.

An afternoon with the group from Faeroe and Denmark

The children in the after-school program enjoyed being visited by a group of people from Denmark and the Faroe Islands.